Datos de ventas de medicamentos IMS diciembre 2010

Sales Through Retail Pharmacies (Twelve months to December 2010)*

NORTH AMERICA  $243.8 billion up 3%
U.S.A. $224.5 billion up 3%
CANADA $19.3 billion up 3%

EUROPE (TOP 5)  $106.1 billion up 1%
GERMANY $34.6 billion up 3%
FRANCE $27.9 billion up 0%
ITALY $15.7 billion up 0%
SPAIN $14.3 billion up 0%
UK $13.6 billion up 2%

JAPAN (including hospitals) $85.7 billion up 0%

CHINA (hospital) $32.2 billion up 23%

LATIN AMERICA (TOP 4) $35.6 billion
BRAZIL $17.5 billion up 20%
MEXICO $7.8 billion up 2%
VENEZUELA $6.2 billion up 32%
ARGENTINA $4.0 billion up 25%

AUSTRALIA/NZ $9.7 billion up 6%

The top 5 therapy classes at ATC3 level in the 12 months to December 2010 were:
1. C10A – Cholesterol & trigly. regulators  Buy Forecast for USA Market
2. A2B – Antiulcerants Buy Forecast for China Market
3. N5A – Antipsychotics Buy Forecast for Italy Market
4. N6A – Antidepressants & mood stabilisers Buy Forecast for UK Market
5. C9C – Angioten-II Antag, Plain Buy Forecast for Germany Market

The top 5 products in the 12 months to December 2010  were:
1. Lipitor
2. Plavix
3. Nexium
4. Seretide
5. Crestor

The top 5 corporations in the 12 months to December 2010 were:
1. Pfizer
2. Novartis
3. AstraZeneca
4. Merck & Co
5. GlaxoSmithKline

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*Source: IMS HEALTH. Growth rates are calculated at a constant exchange rate, (i.e. at the local currency level).The unique system in Japan reduces the importance of the retail pharmacy in the distribution chain so sales for Japan include hospital data. For the USA, retail, foodstore and mail order pharmacy channels are included. In other countries sales monitored are limited to retail pharmacies only.

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